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Businesses should join the Business Hanse Group to underscore the positive impact of Hanse membership for the reputation, image and future of Boston. The New Hanse has built links between over 200 member towns and cities (both inside and outside the EU) which have led to closer cultural ties, visitor economy and tourism growth and new trade opportunities involving small as well as large businesses.

For Boston it builds on a golden period in the town’s history when the port was the basis of thriving trade which brought wealth and business to the town.


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Boston Hanse project

In the first instance joining the Boston Business Hanse will help us influence future plans to achieve goals that benefit all business:-

This is aimed at benefitting all businesses based in and around Boston - not just those in tourism or export. Our aim is to see more spending across retail, services, construction and manufacturing. There are also clear benefits for business arising from the Hanse network that covers like minded towns and cities across Scandinavia, the Baltic and Northern Europe.